Utilizing industry leading software (Solidworks and FeatureCAM) we are well equipped for any project ranging from drawing creation to working with an idea and bringing it to a workable prototype and finally production.

With CAM and your 3D models we are able to help create value for your company by taking the work you have done with your models and converting them into machine code thereby shortening the programming time, leading to a more efficient process and lowering your product’s costs.

With decades of engineering experience in many areas such as machine part design, hydraulic systems and component design, fixture design, manufacturing engineering and other engineering.  Summit has the experience to understand the needs of our customers that deal with complicated designs and manufacturing challenges. Our leadership can assist you in making your machined components and assisting you in improving your product.

At Summit we have built relationships with local design companies allowing us to explore large scale design and industrial fixturing projects, product development and design.

Contact Summit Machine Works and see how we can bring value to your next project.